Wednesday, January 6, 2010

where is the satisfaction?

I spent the very last month of 2009 working and working… yes contrary to what people is doing, taking holidays, clearing up leave, catch up with friends, yada yada yada. I spent most of my days in the office, I didn’t have any leave to clear obviously, and yes, I wish I could join my many friends who are clearing leave and spending afternoon in delicious and doing about Christmas shopping…

Working during holiweek is usually quite fun, d boss cut you some slack, the people are merrier, your colleague offer you expired cookies . …(what turf!!!), you print photos from the office, you forward some forward emails, you go online and chat with your other friends who also work on holiweek…..and the list go on….

Ok, bac to the story, since I was having some holiweek mood,and I have some free time to kill…. I get to observe these funny people at my work place, and one of them is the sicko nut case workaholic. Being petite and obstruct by high cubicles, there is a advantage of me being able to observe them and they???... they dun even know that I practically existed.

I find human behavior rather amusing, that one person whom you usually project as fun and nice would act differently when the big boss is around, they are well guard of their actions and speech and because we do not operate in an IT industry or call centre when everyone cuts everyone slack, the tension would built up and it can be quite alarming.

Mind you that I work in an organization which my floor consist of mostly 95% women. U can imagine the headache…every woman is a wonderwoman….

I always wonder how far can a woman go to be to considered a workaholic?
What if she’s married? Does she need time to shop, every woman enjoys that, buying clothes? Diapers ? milk ? groceries?
Or does she rush home to go see her kids, unless its not hers? Duh…
Or does she have responsibility to do at home? Cooking? Laundry? Ironing?
Does she also pay the utilities at home?
Would she prefer to stay single and not get married given a second chance?
What is the joy of working like a donkey at office and at home and become restless and tired at the end of the day?
What gives ??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflectios of 2009!

• Cough **
• Coughs**
My blog has been really dusty…..I’ve been attempting to get back on my blog for a long time, however, my life wasn’t on track and there were too many stuff that was going on ,thus the hiatus from my blog…also no mojo to blog.
Apart from the happenings revolving in my life, the last quarter of 2009 has definitely been a life changing one. I have learnt that work is work, and shit is shit. No point arguing. Also, I’ve come to learn that people are in need of constant attention, love and communication, near or far, it’s what we are created for, also what we yearn for…not jus earning bunch of moolas…where people are buying the things they dun need to impress the people they dun care.

Looking at 2009, I know am I very blessed because not only I get to travel to most of my favourite places but also with the people that I enjoyed most and cannot live without. They are my crazy fanatic shopaholic friends with whom we spend about 6-8 hours shopping daily, my family who came by and joined, as well as the island escape in boracay and krabi with the person that I love most. I have the most amazing people in my life because these people are here to give me support, to share ideas, to give advice, to lend a shoulder to cry, to accompany you, and most importantly to shower you with love. I dun know about you, but I dun think there is a greater act of love that comes from within the heart.
Apart from that, I also get to do a sideline of my own business, attend fun workshops and getting back on track to study. Yup!.. you heard me right. I’m taking up classes now..

2009 has been a great year for me, I did not make any resolution because I knew I would not fulfill any, nor did I make any big bucks, of lose any weight (cause that seems to be every girls resolutions), or make more $$$$$!!! 2009 was a year of self-improvement year for me. I have learnt there are things you should let go, love that you should give, words that are never meant to be spoken. When I was younger, I used to be ignorant to what people would think or say about me and I would never be bothered and although I still hold very strongly to such belief the degree of this belief has gradually change and only applies to certain situation like criticism can gossips, but I would blog about this again some other time.
To wrap it up, I am looking forward for a great new year in 2010….. !and I wish the same for you too….

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If its not because I would be going on holiday, my mood wouldn’t be so chirpy as off less than 36 hours I would leave my office cubicle to shopping paradise , sounds a tad pathetic but then again…

Yes, I would be on holiday again for approximately 3 weeks, randomness had bought me here to blog today, my blog is wayyyyyy too dusty and overdue, but it also means that my life had been very blissful that I have no time to blog…

Will blog again

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Of lemongrass n dusit

Another is a very random post. Last night, before I go to bed, I slather on the body lotion that I took from the hotel on my feet last night,

Do you know if u put lotion on your feet and then wear socks to sleep, u will have smooth heels the next day? It prevents you from having this ugly, hideous crack heels and u can wear those fancy shoes,

Anyways, the smell of lemongrass from the lotion reminds me of dusit thani, the place that I always stay in Bangkok. The friendly welcome “sawasdee” from the entrance of the lobby smells of lemongrass, the 5-star service that I’ve been spoilt of, the variety of western and eastern breakfast when you open your eyes, the endless room service that I can call…
Now Bangkok is just not that save to travel and I have been bumming a lot at home….

I forgot how to make my sheets when I wake up,

I forgot to boil water because I need it for coffee,

I forgot to do my laundry and forgot to sent them,

I forgot that newspaper does not deliver to my room,

I forgot that I need to buy juices to stock up my fridge,

I forgot that I need to on the heater and that there are no new fresh towels in my shower,

I forgot so many stuff,

I forgot that I am back at home…

Being back at home, I didn’t realize how much I been taking for granted of the services that I had in the hotel, now it seems that doing all this tiny little stuff takes quite some of my time , but then again all this errands that I’ve done makes me realize that the services provided are equally important and doing it myself, I learn to appreciate the tiny stuff that my mum have always done for me and everyone back at home . Everything was also washed, cleaned and put back into the place so we children could easily find them. My mum did not have housekeeping department or room service; she was the chef, the cleaner, the designer, the baker, the driver, the HOME MAKER.

Coming bac home, it’s like being in dusit,your mum does everything for, home is where the heart is and it will certainly smell of lemongrass too,well ..because slathering on lotion from dusit is going to last for quite some time too..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

a new member in my family..

having live with seven has not been an easy task, especially when there are five ladies in the house, my sister is trying to strike a balance now by recruiting another male species ...

with three rooms already occupied upstairs and almost spilling over, one could imagine how we could fit another member back here in my mother's place. It's been a few weeks now and i think we are getting adapted to the newest member in our family already..

how can we not welcome a cute member in our family, my sister has been a proud mother and by all the research she is doing, one should give her credit for preparing to give our newest member much comfort with every tiny -detailed little stuff ...

behold.... our cutest member and also a superstar in the house now








PAK.. is his last name...because that's what we call him, also what everyone in the house calls him, he has been quite famous now, everyday mostly, in different time of the day...

I am not a pet lover myself because i just like to play with them but hate responsibility and commitment, but one can't help looking at chubby because he'll cheer you up by doing some really funny faces and some funky moves....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

i wonder....


I usually dun feel this way but when it comes to love I become weak, I’ve been trying to find the right words to say but this has been the hardest… an I’m still lost….

Looking back, I wonder if I had made the right decision,I wonder if the sleepless night was worth it, or the endless tears would wash away hurts that could never heal; I wonder if I skipped my meals would anyone notice that I am alright?

I wonder if religion is important? That people would spend time understanding it, I wonder if my faith is strong, that its enough to overcome the past and courage to move on? I wonder if I am able to breathe new life to my soul ?

I wonder if there is a program to install love? or to make someone human? I wonder if ever I was given a chance, would I do it again or would I do something different? I wonder…

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sawasdee..... is what u greet people when u see people here in bangkok, unlike the Malaysian style "sudah makan? " we say sawadee here..ends with kaa if your are girl or kup if your are a guy, krup if you are neither..... being a part of bangkokians is not much fun at all, especially when everyone walks a lot. there is no point taking a freaking tuk-tuk or catching a cab when the speed is an average or 25km per hour,

Might as well walk to the BTS station and then walk some more again back to your hotel... i manage to bring my brother go sight-seeing while he was having a school break back in Malaysia. this is my bro amazed by the traffic jam every minute in bangkok, we were taking the other direction, it was too congested to go thru sukhvumit road...(sukhumit road is the longest and busiest street everyday , something like jalan sultan ismail, jalan p.ramlee back in kuala lumpur)

i brought him shopping of course, in the heart of the city, Yaowarat!!! ..means chinatown in bangkok, its near to hua lam phong station...or u can take a mrt there...but i reckon u that anyone should take a cab to Chinatown from the mrt, its a loooooong walk from there... when i say long , it means at least 20mins walk....unless you can really walk but malaysian will opt to take tuk -tuk or cab...cost not more than 50B or RM 5..anything more means you've been taken for a ride.....

my bro was amazed not only by the amount of stuff sold in chinatown , but also the smells the he pick up evry now and then, the are local thais selling main dishes with sweet and sour aroma and the opposite you have chinese -thai selling fish maws,with dried squid... now put the smell together and learn to distinguish which is aroma and which is smelly...i really have no idea at all....but here are some pics for you to see...

# one of the shop in chinatown selling fish maws.. the fish stomach here are pretty cheap compare to those back home in malaysia, or sabah or packet is about RM 12 and its about 500G... fried one i mean...but mostly are fried...

u can also get shitake mushrooms here which is very cheap.... the chinatown in bangkok is much bigger than the one in kuala lumpur, say at least 10 times bigger, and the road 2 times smaller,very narrow.... everything congested in the bustling life instead of chinatown...the end of chinatown actually sells more accessories and jeweleries one can imagine....

# the width of the road in chinatown itself, only motorsai are accessible via this lane, if the cab driver choose to drops you off, then jus let them drop you off at the main street , the main street would look a little bit like hong kong, mong kok street... if you dun know how mong kok in hong kong would looks like then go figure :P

chinatown is a must see when visiting bangkok. of course you can also go see pat pong , then again people like me would have no interest in pat pong or you could go to the flaoting market but its about 1.5 hours drive from bangkok itself..we spend almost half a day in bangkok,chinatown. there is a lot to see and also a lot to eat if you like bird nest and shark fin, along some corners u may find food vendors selling fish stomach with bamboo shoots, try it!

at the end of chinatown would be thieves market, you may see a lot of Nepal and Pakistani in the street there..its not called thieves market if you think people there look like thives, or occasionally one or two may look like one :P , the nepal and pakistanis mainly sell may be suprise that they actually speak fluent thai and english... they sell cloth in bulk...they are also sisha but the stuff are sent to pattaya or other tourist attraction places in the coast of thailand...

our journey ended around 4pm local time.... we were very tired when we reached the hotel. also exhausted from all the walking...

thats all for chinatown , more photos later!!!